There are cases when you might want to get your money back if a medication is not suitable for you or if one of our online staff members makes a mistake and sends you the wrong product. We try hard to make this procedure simple and effortless. The following might come in handy if you have problems with the products you’ve received from Travel Pharmacy Online Store.

Non-Medical Products

Non-medicinal pharmaceutical products are among the most effortless ones when it comes to returns and refunds. Make sure that the product you’re planning to return is:

  • Unopened;
  • Undamaged;
  • Suitable for sale.

It’s not a problem if you want to return an item that has turned out to be useless for you. Nevertheless, if it does not comply with the three characteristics mentioned above, we will not be able to provide you with a refund. You should notify us about the return and refund inquiry within ten working days after you receive the parcel. Then you’ll have about twenty working days to send the product back to us. We’ll need about a week to check whether the product is fine and suitable for further sales. However, you should remember that if your product is undamaged and in perfect condition, you’ll have to pay postage fees on your own, because it’s been your decision. We deeply respect our clients and understand that things might change. Your rejection of accepting the goods, whether they are in good condition or not, will never affect your reputation as a client. You’ll still receive personal suggestions and price reductions. To find more about the returns of medicines and faulty products, read further.


Unfortunately, the majority of drugs cannot be officially returned. This rule lies within the legislation of the pharmaceutical industry and sales within the borders of Canada, the USA, and many other countries. Nevertheless, there are exceptions concerning the damaged goods and items sent by mistake caused by a mutual misunderstanding between our customers and staff members. You still have the right to cancel your order before you receive the confirmation letter. If the medication is already dispatched, you’ll have to wait till the parcel comes. Only in case if the goods are damaged, you have the right to a refund. For more details on the faulty and damaged medicines in our parcels, read further. If you don’t receive your parcel within the estimated time, you have the right to ask us to resend your products. The additional terms of exception should be discussed with our online specialists.

Faulty Goods & Incorrect Orders

There are cases when you have a right for a complete refund:

  • You’ve received a defective or damaged product;
  • The product you’ve received was insufficiently or wrongly described on the website, and you cannot use it because it’s not what you intended to buy;
  • The parcel and the products inside are damaged because of improper packaging.

You have ten days after you receive your order to get in touch with our online management and ask for a reasonable refund or for a full refund depending on the situation. Make sure everything’s in line with the following conditions:

  • The packaging of the goods should stay as appropriate as it is possible;
  • The original packaging should be preserved regardless of the condition;
  • Make sure that the medication you send back is properly packaged so that it won’t be damaged on the way back to our office.

Cases We Don’t Refund

  • Items you’ve been keeping more than a month after receiving;
  • Items containing dangerous and hazardous components;
  • Custom items manufactured basing on the preferences of the customers;
  • Products in packages different from the original ones;
  • Medicines and pharmaceutical goods that were refrigerated.

We always make advances for regular clients. If you think that your refund case is unique due to some peculiar reason, get in touch with our online staff members so that we could find the most reasonable payback solution.