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We leave you the definitive list of medicines that you have to carry in your travel kit, according to the type of trip you are going to make: with children, to a tropical country … You will be prepared for any situation!

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  • What to put in a basic travel kit?
  • First aid kit for a trip to an exotic or adventure country
  • First aid kit for a trip with children
  • First aid kit for a trip to the beach
  • First aid kit for a trip to the mountains

You go on holiday? Congratulations! In a few days you will be enjoying some wonderful days with your children, on a tropical beach or in the mountains. All plans are good if you are prepared for any medical problems that may arise. To give you peace of mind during your vacation, make yourself a travel kit for you!

A travel kit should be planned as one more part of a perfect luggage.  The items and medications that you should bring will depend on the type of trip you are going to make , and even on the dangers or special situations that you may encounter.

Let’s look at an example: a boat trip with young children is not the same as an adventure getaway in the mountains or a long stay in a tropical country.

We help you decide what to put in a travel kit depending on the characteristics of your trip.

What to put in a basic travel kit?

We will begin by clarifying the items you should carry in a basic travel kit . These over-the -counter medications will help you in any situation, from relieving a simple headache to making little cures:

  • pain relievers
  • anti-inflammatory
  • antihistamines
  • band-aids
  • antiseptic such as povidone iodine

Remember that, if you suffer from a chronic disease that forces you to take medication, you must carry enough for every day of the trip, and even for some more. This will ensure that you have medication, even if you suffer a delay in your return, for example.

It is advisable to carry a prescription from your regular doctor in case it is necessary to buy the medication abroad. The prescription must always include the generic name of the drug.

First aid kit for a trip to an exotic or adventure country

If you are lucky enough to take an adventure trip to a tropical country like Vietnam or Indonesia, you should know that mosquitoes can become a little enemy. In addition, traveler’s diarrhea is frequent due to the consumption of local water or vegetables and fruits without disinfecting.

Add to your basic kit:

  • an extra strong insect repellent
  • sachets of oral rehydration serum and an antidiarrheal
  • water purification tablets
  • a bottle of antiseptic gel to disinfect your hands daily

In addition, we remind you that you must inform yourself in advance about the necessary vaccines in the country of destination. You may have to plan them in advance, as some of them take several weeks to work. These vaccines are carried out in the International Vaccination Centers that depend on the Ministry of Health.

First aid kit for a trip with children

If you are going to travel with children , it is important that your kit is as complete as possible , with the necessary medications and items that allow us to solve any emergency.

Complete your medicine cabinet with the following items:

  • a thermometer
  • an arnica bar is a great natural ally to prevent the development of a bump after a blow or trauma
  • a small container of anti-chafing and eczema ointment
  • single-dose physiological saline
  • remember to bring child painkiller in syrup format

First aid kit for a trip to the beach

If on your trip you are going to enjoy the beach and the sea, it is essential that you also complete your first-aid kit with:

  • sun protection and after sun
  • antihistamine cream for bites
  • tablets for motion sickness if you are traveling by boat
  • choose the “second skin” plasters. They are formulated with a special fabric that resists sweat, friction and even pool water and beach sand.

First aid kit for a trip to the mountains

Finally, if you are going to do a route through the mountains, or some trekking- type activity , it will be very useful to add items to your medicine cabinet to carry out cures and alleviate possible slight sprains and small blows.

Therefore, do not forget to:

  • gauze
  • bandages
  • sticking plaster
  • anti-inflammatory cream or spray

Finally, remember that all the medications that you carry in your travel kit must be in their original containers. Also, if you travel by plane and need to carry them in your carry-on suitcase, don’t forget to put them in a transparent bag to facilitate their inspection at the airport.

We assure you that a well thought out first aid kit is an excellent ally to be calm and enjoy the holidays without surprises or setbacks, since … it can save your life!

For extra security and peace of mind, remember that MAPFRE protects you not only against problems related to your health but also against lost luggage or cancellations in transport.

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